The Rossmoor Red Hatters 
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Queen Ruth & Marie Klos (Designer of Website)
                                April 2007
Dottie Rich
Priscilla Helmes
Joan Lockhart and Peggy Lim
Three of our beautiful Red Hat women -
Sandie Hawkins, Atria Contact & Marie Klos
Atria's Red Hat Mamas
11th Anniversary - October 2016
Here's to all of us!

Honoring our Wonderful
    Hamilton Caterers
Atria Red Hatters May 2011
Espe Manqueros
Marlene Weiss
Another Trio of Lovely Red Hatters
                        May 2011
Our Royal Court at Red Hat Sale 
          November 2011
Helen Gallagher
T'is the Holiday Season    December 2011
Pat B, Sandie H, Bonnie M & Nancy S      at Red Hat function in Pleasanton
                      April 2013

     Our one June 2013 Birthday 
Dolores Falanga with Nancy Magee
Bonnie McFadden & Mim Davidson
Blanca Strandin & 
Nancy Donaldson-White
Barbara Henning
September 2013 Birthdays.
November 2013 Birthdays 
Lisa Spranger & Doris Gerber
                  April 2014
May 2014 Birthdays
      Four Generations of 
Queen Ruth Koehler's Family
Queen Ruth, Kajsa Hatfield 
& Liz Sloan - May 2014
June 2014 Birthdays
August 2014 Birthdays
Just a Few of the Members Attending August 2014 Monthly Lunch
October 2014 Birthdays
Sandie Hawkins with
   Hildred Chevalier
December 2014 Birthdays
Our Hamilton Caterers at Work 
          December 2014
Presenting Flowers to Queen Ruth for her  
  Dedicated Service to Our Red Hat Group
                    November 2014
January 2015 Birthdays
Nickie Allen & Nancy Magee
          January 2015

Michelle Porknoy & Ronnie Devlin
                   January 2015
February 2015 Birthdays
Hamilton Catering Staff Being Thanked 
   For Their Service      February 2015
March 2015 Birthdays
April 2015 Birthdays
Impromptu Line Dancers to Gary Savelli's
                Singing  -  April 2015
Red Hatters Watching Gary Savelli with 3 Members Performing  - April 2015
May 2015 Birthdays
Ronnie Marty, Wanda King
       & Doris Gerber
Rhonda O'Brien
 & Michelle Porknoy
Just a Few Members Attending May 2015 Luncheon Meeting
Fran Smith & Gabriela McVicar
Irene Bixler & Fran Katsuyama
Merle Wolfe
June 2015 Birthdays
July 2015 Birthdays with Sue in Tall Hat
September 2015 Birthdays including  
     Jeannie of Hamilton Caterers
Nancy M. Presenting Jeannie of 
     Hamilton Caterers Flowers 
            September 2015
Our one October 2015 Birthday
                Joan Wise
      Also a Charter Member
Eight of Our Charter Members 
              October 2015
Sue Hartdegen - Our Lady of Libation 
                  October 2015
December 2015 Birthdays
A Member in her Special Christmas
       Red Hat - December 2015
January 2016 Birthdays
Wanda at the Piano January 2016
3 Members at a Table January 2016
April 2016 Birthdays
Nancy Introducing Gabriela Who Will Now Lead Our Birthday Celebrations                             April 2016
June 2016 Birthdays
July 2016 Birthdays
Gabriela with Betty Carelli - Our Only  
          August 2016 Birthday 
February 2016 Birthdays
September 2016 Birthdays
Michele Partnoy & 2 Guests with Ruth
 as She Presents a Gift Certificate to Michele for Bringing so Many Guests &
    New Members - Sept. 2016
October 2016 Birthdays
Deanna & Mim Serving Nancy
      at the Bar - April 2017
April 2017 Birthdays
May 2017 Birthdays
June 2017 Birthdays
Joan Wise & Liz Sloan 
          July 2017
July 2017 Birthdays
Queen Ruth with 
Guest Lois Chan 
      August 2017

  Our Only August 2017 Birthday
Caterer Heather with Nancy Magee
September 2017 Birthdays incl Belated
                   2 August Birthdays
October 2017 Birthdays
12TH Anniversary Cake - October 2017
November 2017 Beautiful 
     Table Decoration
      November 2017 
     Our One Birthday
Wanda King at the Piano
         April 2018
    Our One Birthday
Mae Law with Nancy M.
         May 2018 Birthdays
June 2018 Birthdays
July 2018 Table Decoration
July 2018 Birthdays Liz with Nancy and Shelly with Pat
July 2018 Some Members Attending the Luncheon Meeting
   August 2018
 Table Decoration
August 2018 Celebrating 
   Belated July Birthday
          Jean Brown
 September 2018
Our One Birthday
   Nancy Magee
13th Anniversary Cupcakes 
          October 2018

October 2018 Birthdays
      Plus a Belated   
  September Birthday
Just a Few Members Attending October 2018 Luncheon

 November 2018 
    Wanda King
May 2019 Birthdays
    Plus a Belated
    April Birthday
June 2019 Queen Pat Best
  Introducing our Program
June 2019 Birthday
   Jo Malanowski
July 2019 Birthday
      Liz Sloan
Septermber 2019
October 2019 Birthday
      Ronnie Marty
       Ronnie with 
Granddaughter Lara
              OCTOBER 2019