Queen Mother, Ruth Koehler moved to Rossmoor in March of 2005 and discovered that a Red Hat Society chapter was never formed in Rossmoor and she was determined to start one.  Her dream was that someday Rossmoor Red Hatters would fill the Fireside Room at Gateway.  She recruited a very talented group of newcomers who met to lay the groundwork.  A short article in the Rossmoor News and a registration table at the annual Rossmoor Activities Council day, generated a number of reservations for the first luncheon held at the Dollar Clubhouse in October 2005.   The monthly luncheons are now held in the Fireside Room at Gateway. 

The success of Rossmoor Red Hatters is due not only to the talent and dedication of many Rossmoor Red Hatters who keep the ball rolling, but also to the popularity of the world-wide Red Hat Society, started by Exalted Queen Mother, Sue Ellen Cooper.
How It All Started............
"The Red Hat Society began as a result of a few women deciding to greet middle age with verve, humor and elan.  We believe silliness is the comedy relief of life, and since we are all in it together, we might as well join red-gloved hands and go for the gusto together.  Underneath the frivolity, we share a bond of affection, forged by common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes us next." 
Rossmoor's Founding Queen          Ruth Koehler
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The Queen Mother of the
Official Red Hat Society is:
Sue Ellen Cooper
While visiting a friend in Tucson several years ago.  Sue Ellen impulsively bought a bright red fedora at a thrift shop, for no other reason than that it was cheap and thought quite dashing.  A year or two later she read this poem "Warning" by Jenny Joseph, which depicts an older woman in purple clothing with a red hat.  Sue Ellen felt an immediate kinship with Ms. Joseph.  She decided that her birthday gift to her dear friend, Linda Murphy, would be a vintage red hat and a copy of the poem.  She has always enjoyed whimsical decorating ideas, so  she thought the hat would look nice hanging on a hook next to the framed poem.  Linda got so much enjoyment out of the hat and the poem that Sue Ellen gave the same gift to another friend, then another, then another.

One day it occurred to these friends that they were becoming a sort of "Red Hat Society" and that perhaps they should go out to full regalia.  They decided they would find purple dresses which didn't go with their red hats to complete the poem's image. The tea was a smashing success.

Soon, each of them thought of another woman or two she wanted to include, and they bought more red hats.  Their group swelled to  18, and they began to encourage other interested people to start their own chapters.(18 women don't fit well around a tea table).  One of their members passed along the idea to a friend of hers in Florida, and their first "sibling" group was born.

Sue Ellen's fondest hope is that these societies will proliferate far and wide.  We have now held three successful Red Hat Society conventions--entire hotels filled with women of a certain age wearing red hats and purple outfits!  Could world domination be far behind?
Want to become a member? Monthly articles in the Rossmoor News or click on link 'Membership'. We would love to have you!
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​Memberhip jn Rossmoor Red Hatters is open to any Rossmoor resident woman.  Dues 
are $15 per calendar year.  Mail checks, payable to Rossmoor Red Hatters, to Pat
Best at 1724 Oakmont Drive, #2.  (Phone (925)944-1344)   Checks for dues may
also be placed in the Red Hatters Mailbox at Gateway.  A Rossmoor resident member may sponsor up to two non-resident members.  For more information, call Pat Best.

The official regalia of the Red Hat Society is purple attire and a Red Hat.  Red Hats are
required at all events.  Red Head bands, ribbons, or visors are acceptable.  If it's your 
birthday month, you may reverse the colors and wear a purple hat with red attire

Luncheons are held in the Fireside Room at Gateway, the second Saturday of every
month.  These are sit-down luncheons, catered by Classic Catering.  In order to get to 
know each other better, numbers are drawn for random seating at tables of 8.
See About Us and Activities Links.  The deadline for reservations is the Thursday of 
the week preceding the week of the luncheon.  Cost is $18 for members and $20 for
guests.  Send checks for reservations to Joan Wise at 3101 Golden Rain Rd., #4.  Be
sure to put your entrée choice on the check.  See Saturday Lunch Info Link for monthly 
menu and entertainment details, as well as additional activities. 

At least one Additional Activity is planned each month, such as theater, lunch out in 
a restaurant, excursions to museums, gardens, bunco party, etc.  Suggestions for these 
activities are welcomed.  Car pooling from Gateway is arranged.  Sign-ups for events 
are taken at the luncheon or may be placed in the Mailbox at Gateway.

Check this website or the Rossmoor News for updates on luncheons and activities.

See the Planning Committee Link to meet the royal Court of the Rossmoor Red Hatters 
who organize and carry out our monthly luncheons, entertainment and activities.
Our aim is to provide a wonderful spirit and sisterhood.  Thanks to all of our members 
who bring that spirit to our luncheons and activities.  We are indeed making a difference 
in the lives of Rossmoor women.  Our Red Hats are off to you!  We invite you to join in 
the fun, fun, fun!

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